My Stress Survival Kit

In the course of my life, stress has been my companion.  Well, hasn’t it been the same for everyone?  But I’m not talking of the short lived kind, which is an innate part of our survival.  No, no I am talking of the other kind: chronic stress.  You know the type where the body can’t differentiate from you running from a bear or having been summoned to your boss’ office?  Yes, you know what I am talking about.  Our perfect body has been designed with mechanisms that help us to survive in moments when our lives are in danger (or that we think we are) and we have to escape: increased heart rate, increase level of sugar released into the bloodstream to fuel our brain and muscles to help us to act fast on how to escape, reserving the energy used to digest food by switching digestion OFF.  Now, think back for a moment: when in the course of your life have you felt these reactions?  I’m guessing most of the time and perhaps far more than you’d like.  Yet, none of those times were because a Tyrannosaurus Rex was hot on your tail.

The body is our life support machine, if you will, and has the job to keep us in motion, provide protection against the elements and to keep us alive, to name but a few. So, the mechanisms are wired to keep these functions going 24/7 for the rest of our lives. In fact, if one mechanism is not working on all four cylinders, the others will step in to keep the homeostasis up and running. I refer

to oStress Survival Kitur body as a machine, but to be honest, it is not built like one.  The compromise of the other mechanisms can only last for so long and before you know it, all mechanisms are impaired.  That is when the body is in ‘code red alert.’

Chronic stress certainly is the cause of this ‘Code Red’.  Worst of all, most of us have been in chronic stress for so long that our bodies have adapted to it.  Sleep depravity, low energy, lack of focus, always falling sick, and feeling anxious have become the norm (the latter being mistaken for the so called ‘adrenaline rush’).

I have been stressed out for feeling stuck, being broke and working in a job that was not soul satisfying for me.  My sleep was affected and I noticed mini panic attacks were popping up more often.  Staying focus on a task was a feat, especially on ways to change my life and to build my holistic nutrition business.  Fortunately, my immune system was working on four cylinders as I made sure that I included immune boosting foods and nourished by body with whole foods.  Also, I included the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market to nourish me at cellular level.  As a holistic nutritionist, I knew that in this state, my body was in high demand of nutrients and food alone would not help meet those demands. Getting sick was not an option as I couldn’t afford to get sick.  I knew that my body systems were being compromised because of this state of chronic stress.

So, I began to find ways that would help me feel full of energy, calm, focused, to remain in deep sleep and continue to support my immune system.  In actual fact, the solutions found me.  I noticed the inclusion of high quality nutritional supplements, exercise, wellness practices such as meditation and personal development videos and books, made a significant difference in a short period of time.  Now, I follow a morning ritual that sets a positive and light tone to my day.  Even post-surgery when my income came to a grinding halt, my nervousness and anxiety was reduced.  I am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night and more focused on creating my holistic nutrition business and loving my life and living it.

My healthy whole food choices, the inclusion of high quality nutritional supplements and wellness practices have contributed to boosting my immune system, my energy levels, my ability to stay focused and calm during the treacherous waters of life.

I’m providing my Stress Survival Kit to you, which includes:

Holistic nutrition consultation (one-on-one personalised holistic nutritional assessment and plans)*

Personalised Whole food meal plans and recipes

Wellness Practices Recommendations

The Highest Quality and #1 Rated Nutritional Supplements that I personally use daily:

Essentials (5 star rated and NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement Mega antioxidant and multi mineral Plus pack)

Proflavanol C 100 (a combination of the highest quality grape seed extract and high potency Vitamin C)

Vitamin D (help to combat Vitamin D deficiency whilst supporting bone, joint, heart health and the immune system)

Pure Rest (Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles.  Thus, helping to improve sleep quality)

Usana Probiotics (healthy bacteria to support your gut flora, thus improving digestion and boosting your immune system)

Total $ 166.85 + tax + shipping

To purchase your Stress Survival Kit, please click here

To book one-on-one consultation, contact me at with ‘My Stress Survival Kit’ as the subject title.

*Nutritional assessment is complimentary. The personalised nutrition plan, which includes personalised meal plans, simple and quick whole food recipes and wellness practice recommendations is an additional $ 34


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