Everything Is Possible.

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Seriously, right now I am realizing my life is a path of self-discovery and self-awareness, paved with love. What I’m about to say is directed to my old friends and people who have known me for years: if you believe you know me let me reassure you… this is the first time y’all meeting me.   I’M beginning to know ME and I have to be honest, it is quite a discovery. I have had some One Page Wonder experiences; some beautiful, inspiring and enlightening ones and some painful, heartbreaking and tragic ones, too.

Interestingly, enough the tendency is to remember more of the tragic experiences. Being told from an early age, I am not good at anything, or treated as if I didn’t deserve love, respect, support or anything good, the result is I believed it … especially when it was from those in my immediate circle. As a result, my sub conscious mind saw these as truths. My sub conscious mind has had the upper hand in my decision making, my perceptions of the world around me, my relationships (all of them, including with myself) and what I have attracted towards myself. I was so convinced what I believed was truth.

This all began to change over the past 2 years. I have been intermittently been engaged in spontaneous conversations, have come across books or posts, and meditation, which have made me think, “Wait a minute.” It’s almost as if my spirit, my true self, who has been fighting against the sub conscious mind, cried out, “Yes! Finally, there is a way for me to set myself free!” But here’s the thing. The sub conscious mind is not going to give up that easily. It takes A LOT energy to dismantle those negative beliefs. Hmpf! Believe me. But you know, the Universe is forever watchful, God is Omnipresent and there are angels, who were with me from birth, who have placed these opportunities, resources and ideas before me.

I had chatted with a good friend the other night, which also made me think about karma, fate, reciprocal action. I have lived multiple lives, I’m convinced, and so I must have made mistakes in my past lives for them to be brought to the fore in this one. I used to think that life was happening TO me but in truth, I CREATED my life and many lives before this one. Only me. I take FULL responsibility of my life and by taking a step back and re-evaluate the situation, I’ve asked myself, “What brought me here to this point? What part did I play?” I might add, not from a judgmental but an objective standpoint. Beating myself up and blaming myself, would kind of defeat the purpose and would not help.

Subsequently, taking one step at a time, I have started to work on reversing those sub conscious limiting beliefs to self-empowering beliefs, so they can become new truths for me. I have heard we create our lives with our thoughts. Yep, I believe that. Right now, life is challenging but it will only make me strong; a process of self-healing to help me heal others with authenticity. Tough times have come to pass, they have not come to stay … they are only passing through. At the same time, I am practicing self-love, self-care, being gentle on myself with the understanding that this is not a race but a marathon.

I am now planting self-empowering seeds in my subconscious mind that:

  • I am loving and lovable,
  • I am safe, secure and trusting
  • I am enough at every moment and I love and accept myself,
  • I am worthy of the very best in life and I allow myself to accept it
  • I deserve love, respect, joy, abundance and prosperity
  • Money is my friend and it is safe to have it with me. It comes to me in expected and unexpected ways
  • There are people who are looking for exactly what I have to offer and we will be brought together in this checker board of life.


Phew!  I had so much to say … and feel there is so much more to come.

If this has resonated with you, know that you are not alone and you have greatness within you.  You have masterpieces yet to be created. Go find your purpose and fulfill it. Live a full life and be sure to not take those gifts to the grave, which were entrusted to ONLY you.

Disclaimer: Having the belief that nothing is impossible, doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems. Murphy’s Law is always going to happen when you least expect it, so have tools ready at hand when it knocks you off course. I use motivational videos and upbeat music to listen to.  Have a support group and empowering people who make you feel good about yourself during times of self-transformation.


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