If I give away my power, how else am I to function?

Giving away my power.  What does that actually mean?  Well, it practically means allowing circumstances or other people in your life to affect you in a negative way and leave you off balance.  Feeling off balance then means you are not able to focus, concentrate and function effectively on an emotional and physical level.

It seems insane that I would want to give away my power to anyone, right?  Yet, it astounds me how easy this happens.  I can remember how people can get under my skin, leaving me pissed, sad or confused as to what the flip just happened.  That right there is giving away my power.  As am standing there or going home with this heavy load (10/10 is their own emotional load), they’re skipping away with my power.  Hey!  I didn’t agree to this exchange!  Oh yes, I did.  How?  Well, by taking whatever they had said or did personally … because everything is all about me, right?  Wrong!  Things happen … but not always because of me.  I’m not the center of everyone’s world, they are.  I have my own shit to bear, why the flip would I want to carry someone else’s while they’ve taken my power.  Putting it that way, makes total sense.  Now on reflection.  Yet, we do this every day, every month, every year unconsciously.  It’s exhausting!  So, how are you supposed to function or step into your power when you have given it away?

I learnt this from a number of motivational speakers, posts on FB but mostly from Don Miguel Ruiz’s bestseller ‘The Four Agreements.’  The Second Agreement is ‘Don’t Take Anything Personally’.  Oh, I remember reading this title for the first time and had laughed my head off.  I knew this, THIS was going to be a tough agreement to put into practice.  Yet, practice makes what? No, not perfect, but improvement.  I have a long way to go as this belief was developed over a lifetime.  I say to myself as a shield: ‘whatever they say or do, it’s not about me.  I will not take anything personally.’ Señor Ruiz calls it ‘taking their emotional poison and making it your own.’

‘Don’t take anything personally.  Nothing others do is because of you.  What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.  When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.’ ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.  Needless suffering.  Did you hear that?  Needless. Suffering.

On another perspective, knowing that others face battles of their own, conjures up a sense of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love.  After all, we are creatures of God and there is beauty on the inside and outside of us.  We’re all designed by the same Creator ‘who made all exquisite parts of Nature.’  Doreen Virtue’s ‘Daily Guidance From Your Angels’, has helped me restore my faith in human nature:

“I am lovable because God made me that way.  Divine caring is everywhere, including inside me and in everyone I will meet today.”  Again, this will indeed take practice.  Please note: you also have your intuition, your gut feelings, sixth sense, or whatever you want to call it.  Use it as it was given to you for your protection … from ‘needless suffering’.


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