De-clutter your Inbox and allow space for Abundance.

Well. I did it! I’ve deleted almost 5,000 emails and I have deleted one Google account. Boy, that was liberating. It was an absolute eye sore, seeing those old emails in my inbox, clogging up my flow … which is why I’m posting this food for thought.

All that old, stagnated energy in my 3 email accounts, was not leaving space for me to receive abundance. It takes me back to the first #moneylovechallenge that I participated in: de-clutter your purse and wallet to allow space for abundance. Also, de-clutter your living space, Feng Shui style, to help bring in abundance.

Wow! That was a serious epiphany for me: to de-clutter my email boxes!

Now I am down to 52 emails between 2 accounts (one business and one personal).  Also, I’ve also unsubscribed from email lists that are no longer serving me, keeping those unnecessary emails at bay.

On another note, I have been more conscious of my thoughts on receiving abundance. It has shifted 180 degrees from feeling guilty of receiving or asking for help to accepting compliments and accepting and asking for help. Since this mindset shift, I’ve noticed more offers of help and money come to me in unexpected ways. To be honest, my reflex reaction is to refuse, but then I immediately flip it to a, “Yes, thank you” or “Thank you, that is very kind of you.” It will take practice to improve, but I believe I will make it

The more you are open to receive abundance, the more abundance you will receive.


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