Listen to your body and … take action on the advice.

This morning, just like every other morning, I was not keen to go to school.  Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for the opportunity of going to school and learning french (zero sarcasm here).  However, with my sensitivity with zero filters, the energy at school is draining the life out of me.  I am in Montreal, QC, Canada, following a government program called ‘francisation’ (pronounced fran -si – za – cion).  It’s an immersion program to facilitate the integration of immigrants into the Quebec Labour Market.  For anyone, learning french intensively for 30 hours a week is tough, yet this is not the problem.  It’s the energy emanating from the other students, who are the problem, who also share similar privileges and opportunities as I do.  It’s as if I’m an enigma to them, which must be disturbing.  As a result, I’m being bullied by other young women.  Hmm, never really said that out loud.  A grown woman being bullied by other women.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, that is the truth, as ridiculous as it may sound.  To be honest, it is saddens me that this is happening.  Every weekday drags slower than a geriatric tortoise and the weekends zips by like a hare on speed.  I have 16 more weeks to go until the program is complete.

This has been going on for almost a year and my body is overcompensating.  So, back to this morning: I was not keen to go to school.  Nevertheless, I made my way to school as I had made a commitment to fulfill.  Oddly, but not surprisingly, as I approached the street, I had this sense I was not meant to be there.  It was almost as if I was having an adverse physical reaction because I felt nauseous, hot and my stomach was not content.  It was then that I decided to listen to my body (in truth, the intuition sends messages to the brain, then the body expresses those messages received).  Too often I have ignored signs like this, and unfortunately, I had learnt the hard way, my intuition was right.  It was this week in fact, one of the bullies made an attempt to walk into me with force enough to throw me off balance.  Luckily, my reflexes were sharp enough to move out of the way.  I’ve had looks that drip with disdain and envy, yet we have not shared two words between us.  To the point of feeling nauseous, this was serious and I had to act on the advice given.  I cancelled my appointment with my school counselor, informed my tutor I was unwell and headed off home.

On arrival, I immediately got ready for bed … at 9:10 am.  I slept for 4 hours! Not surprisingly, the nausea, raised body heat and headache dissipated.  Following my intuition, I got up, placed a castor oil pack on my sacral region (your reproductive region) and listened to sacral chakra healing meditative music for an hour whilst in a Yoga Nidra position.  I cannot express the difference I had felt; I felt empowered, light and most of all grateful for the love I had given to myself.

How many times do we ignore our body and find out the hard way, we should have listened and taken action? MANY TIMES.  How many of us give, give and give and feel so burnt out and resentful that we cannot give to ourselves?  TOO MANY. I’m primarily speaking to all women out there, who are known to be over-givers but are lousy at giving to themselves. If we don’t wake up and pay attention, listen to our body and most importantly, (otherwise what is the point of the advice) take action on the advice, the consequences will be far more grave than we could imagine.  Believe me, I know.

Efioanwan Otu, Holistic Nutritionist, Harmonised Wellness


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