Sweet Potato … er … cubey thingys

*Sweet potato … er … cubey thingys.
This is one of my favourite ways of adding carbs to my meal.  I cubed up one small sweet potato, sauté them in coconut oil, with a sprinkle of crushed hot pepper flakes, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and dried thyme.
Sweet potatoes are awesome alternatives to white potatoes … and there are 400 kinds!  Yes, people … 400 kinds.

According to the highly respected Dr Mercola:
✔Great sources of beta carotene … hence the orange colour

✔Although they’re sweeter than their white cuz, they’re perfect for type 2 diabetics as they help regulate how the body metabolizes insulin
✔Fabulous sources of antioxidants, like Vitamin C (65%), copper/zinc superoxide dismutase and catalase. They beat the antioxidant power even in blueberries.

Watch out though on your portions on some of the varieties. They can contain a bit more fructose than we’d like.
Sugars in these sweeties can be 6.5 g per 100 g.

On a personal note, I find them less starchy than their white cuz, which means easier to digest.

*By the way … what would you call these?


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